"Il sogno dopo" is the necessary, natural completion of "Una porta nel cielo". The author are the same, the planning of the work is also the same, interchanging a narration marked by a question/answer form with introspective streams and more lyrical chapters. It's a prosecution but at the same time an independent book. For this reason, such an unusual layout was chosen: two covers, on one side "Una porta nel cielo" reproposed in a new revised edition; on the other side, "Il sogno dopo". In the middle, a summa of his whole career, the statistics of an artist life.
"Il sogno dopo" is the detailed and concerned tale of season 2001-02. A unique season. In this period, it's as though Baggio had lived all the stages - sometimes happy, sometimes dramatic - of a unique life: successes, creations, accidents, falls and new rises. The boycott of who cannot accept his talent. Argentina as a buen retiro, hunting as a moral rally. Meditation as an answer to what is unintelligible.
Baggio here do not talk only about Trapattoni and his inexplicable choice not to call him for the World Championship. He judges the present situation of the most loved sport in Italy, points out the hard remedies for solving a crisis otherwise irreversible. He remembers a friend no longer with him. He explains, as far as it is possible, the stages of two accidents grown to incredible healings. He tells his desire to play some more, at least another two years, despite soccer is debased at this point. And he reveals his usual dream, denied but not tamed: Baggio still pursues the National team.
He tells his life experience, Roberto Baggio, then he ventures to take stock of his life, treading in the footsteps of Antoine Doinel, the child of The 400 Blows. But he cannot do it, he can only take a run-up forward, again. There will be time for taking stock of his life.

Interviews by:
Enrico Mattesini;

Texts edited:
by Enrico Mattesini and Andrea Scanzi;

Work coordinated by:
Ivan Zazzaroni;

Statistical appendix edited by:
Elio Barraco;