"Il sogno dopo" ended with a dream, a dream called Yokohama. "Il sogno dopo" published in a Ğdoubleğ edition along with "una porta nel cielo" was its necessary, natural completion. The intense and detailed story of the last year. An unrepeatable season. Roberto Baggio lived all the ups and downs of fate, from the dramatic accidents to the great artistic rebirth, from the renewed World Championship dream to the several, relentless refusals of Trapattoni. Regardless of ostracism he has benn victim of in National team, Roberto lives a season of unbelievable continuity. He did not pass over a match, he led Brescia to safety from relegation, and began again to score like he had done in his best moments...
So, the need for a new edition of "Il sogno dopo" springs from here: this time in a single, updated edition, completed in a deep and original way. This is a really new book, which puts an end with good grace, for now, to this charming story.
A text whose necessary subtitle is a magic word: maturity.

Interviews by:
Enrico Mattesini;

Texts edited by:
Enrico Mattesini and Andrea Scanzi;

Work coordinated by:
Ivan Zazzaroni;

Statistical appendix edited by:
Elio Barraco;