Is he a sacrificial lamb? A genius to be envied? A purebred to laugh at? Fancy and imagination have always been his script. His foot kicks the football so perfectly like no one else in the world. He scored goals but also let others score. During France '98 he sat on the bench or was asked to play too late.
Then the damned eleven metres, the sentence of the penalties. And Baggio scored his, redeeming Pasadena and Usa '98.
But we do not only hear of Baggio playing in the national team, we are also told of his fabulous (or restless) years in the Vicenza, the Florentine, the Juventus, the Milan and the Bologna team until he played in the Inter in couple with the mythic Ronaldo both in the Italian championship and in the Champions' Cup. Two champions who incredibly received the Golden Ball.
His personality does not only belong to sport, his reputation as a good, honest and introvert boy spellbinds the public that applauds but contemporary opposes him.